MSRP $1,950.00



• Digital HD Sound Ready • Complete 6-Piece Surround Speaker System
• 1500 Watts Total System Power • Frequency Response 32-20 KHz
• Sub. 500 Watts • Efficiency: 88dB
• Satellite, Center (5×200) Watts • Impedance: 4-8 ohms
• 10” Long-Throw Active Driver • Magnetically Shielded Center Speaker
• Crossover Slope Adjusted to 80Hz

Box Includes:

LN-11-Center-Speaker LN-7-Side-Speaker
Center Speaker x1 Side Speakers Set of Two x4

Why Duo-WaveTM?

Before  After
Before-Web After-Diagram-Web
Lennox Duo-WaveTM speakers direct sound waves to reflect in multiple directions throughout your home theater! This yields a true movie theater experience not achieved with traditional 5.1 speakers.
• Enhanced Neodymium Alloy speaker magnets • Customizable to match your room requirements
• 18% Lower audible distortion • Improved LIVE sound stage realism
• Fully adjustable “sound angles” of up to 110 degrees • Richer and deeper sound